Coup de Tap: Trouble in the Bubbles with Mario D'Agostino

In this, the season finale, the Communal Bathroom is joined by contributor and co-conspirator Mario D'Agostino. The gang sharpen their 'now' in the face of some stinking hangovers and get stuck into a bumper crop of dispatches. Sam helps you out with your morning routine, offering some towel advice and giving you a brand new alarm clock. Chris helps you out with Christmas, offering you Christmas present buying advice and a song that could be a future Christmas classic. There's a mysteriously submitted concept album about our very own Producer Paul, as well as a musical contribution from Producer Paul himself. Mario brings us songs about unhygienic basins and grumbling commuters, and Mario and Chris combine on a pub pop anthem. Along the way, between giddy bouts of maniac laughter, there are arguments and machinations that threaten to change the show forever...

A Very Communal Bath With Our Best Buds

No diving, no running and definitely no heavy petting, with 6 people in the bathroom this time, I hope no one has a verruca. Producer Paul, Brad Francisco and Mayor Gunson all appear in this busy bathroom. And appearing for the first time is mysterious new guest The Angry Swede. Brad and Chris attempt to think about their thoughts, while Sam takes us on a musical sound collage adventure story. We hear a short stand-up set from comedian Gary Arsehole, a medley of nursery rhymes and another ambient dispatch from an anonymous bather. Mayor Gunson makes a political gaff, The Angry Swede gets angrier and the whole gang make a big mess and just get housekeeping in to sort it all out.

Unflushed, Unbrushed and Unpumiced

This is Chris writing a description of the episode and this description will not be rewritten or edited. Illusions are shattered this time - this episode is entirely unedited. In our Euston Square studios, we are joined by poor old put-upomn Producer Paul (who is an awful mood). Chrsi does some dispatches about TIME, talking to some musicians about time and trying to impose some kind of theme about time onto the episode(Unsuccessfull). Sam bring s a new jungle and a couple of songs, one about skateboarding and one about (DFTCB running joke) naming obscure areas of Sheffield. Other things happen too I think. Producer Paul's mood improves at some point. It was all a blur for me to be honest, but is was a lott of fun.

Two Spiders in a Sink

Back in the Chapeltown studios, four of the DFTCB crew convene for a boozy celebration of Sam's thesis completion. Joining Chris, Sam and Producer Paul this time is the original Chapeltown resident and Sheffield mayoral election hopeful Daniel Gunson. Mayor Gunson tries to appeal to the electorate by announcing progressive financial policies and inviting them all round for a cup of tea. In this strange, new post-thesis world, Sam compiles a Freedom Mixtape and Chris suggests, via song, various career paths that Sam could take. Sam takes to Instagram to find motivation and Chris takes to Craigslist to find friends. In the bathroom department, there is a spooky anonymously-submitted bathroom-made dispatch and we also journey back in time to visit the bathroom of a major historical figure. "The weighty pocket of the everyman need be no more!" Gunson 2017

Pizza Weekend

It's Pizza Weekend! The Communal Bathroom gang go on a cross-country tour of pizza from Manchester to London! In this free-wheeling episode, Chris reveals his 28-day pizza-abstinence challenge diary and eats his first post-abstinence pizza. Sam, meanwhile, plays both wily antagonist and excited commentator. Elsewhere, Ben Meker drunkenly attempts to explain how to make a cob pizza oven and interactive drinks are invented that celebrate both Producer Paul's bathroom habits and also some of the more hirsute elements of previous episodes of the show The subject of pizza is given a good chewing over, and then it's all washed down with an incredible song from folk singer John Byers (aka Mario D'Agostino) about possessive pint protection A challenge. A journey. A lot of gin. Some pizza. Many songs. See you next year!

Calm Out Chill Down

After a glut of guests in recent episodes, it's back to bubble bath basics...Sam and Chris each find themselves a warm, sudsy spot in the bath and take the opportunity to calm out and chill down. As they relax, they ponder upon the violent rap wars of Chester and the easy-going educational songs of Zambia. Chris conducts a desert of sound, Sam sounds off about a dessert and together they bring cacophonous life to a piece of fan fiction. Between the deep breaths and bubbles, they find time to talk about pizza abstinence, their ongoing attempts to get 'hyperintrajocularity' into common parlance, and to finish, they dunk themselves a couple of times into the Christopher Delamere Song Archive Lucky Dip. Come on in and get clean and calm out and chill down. Ahhhhh....

Tortoise Bidet with "My Darling Girlfriend" Sally Beveridge

We're having a party! In attendance: 4 humans, 2 tortoises and 1 duck. It's Sam's tortoises' 5th birthday, so Sam and Chris have two guests to join in the celebrating. Now a fully fledged member of bathroom staff but who for tax reasons gets paid in chilli....It's Producer Paul. may remember her from a brief cameo in episode 3 in which she spat water all over the bathroom...It's Sam's Darling Girlfriend Sally. The podcast party entertainment includes fancy cocktails, door jazz, tortoise comedy, terrible puns, and a good old pray to some patron saints. The bathroom guests try to cleanse everyone's souls, with Producer Paul once again extolling the virtues of 'That Glass Of Water That You Have Immediately After Having Brushed Your Teeth' and Darling Girlfriend Sally giving all the collected bathers some much needed spiritual guidance.

Toilet Rolling with Brad Francisco

He's maths in the dark. He's a bag of the masses. He's the church nightwatchman. He is the crumpled martyr of Malmo. That's right, our special guest this episode is none other than Brad Francisco! Shadowy Gamesmaster Francisco helps direct our journey through weird noises, weird birthday presents and weird birthday noise presents. There's some special music sent in by No. 1 fan and duck namesake Jonathan Hamnett (a.k.a. Jon The Man), one of the bathers becomes a God to aliens, a duck is both insulted and molested, new flags are unfurled across the internet and it all gets a bit emotional with the biggest outpouring of fan praise we've ever had.

Infused With Hyperintrajocularities

Joining Sam and Chris in the bathroom this time is their good friend Producer Paul, who sees to all their engineering needs and also wades in on such serious subjects as 'That Glass Of Water That You Have Immediately After Having Brushed Your Teeth'. Producer Paul joins a growing fold which includes of course their swimming sidekick Jon The Duck, as well as the masterfully mirthful Mario D'Agostino who contributes a song about hospital administration. The guys introduce you to the game of 'Lazy TV Executives' , discuss the relative merits of Euston Square, intentionally offend over half the world's population and take their chances on a lucky dip.

Everything But The Bathroom Sink

Sam and Chris throw everything at this podcast and see what sticks. With the aid of cryptic cue cards and swimming sidekicks, they sound off about the city of Sheffield and conflabulate about the community of kendama. There is a rap about cycling and some jokes about punk. In this the most adventurous episode to date, there is also more than one attempt at on-air hair removal, with both painful and spiritual consequences. It's a weird one.