Jazz: the great American art form of the 20th century, raked over and misunderstood by two idiot bathroom boys. Recorded live at a dingy downtown Bristol Youth Hostel, this episode sees Sam teaching Chris about The Lick, while Chris brings Sam some jazz made out of jazz. There's some woefully uninspired jazz criticism (Louis Armstrong = good) and, of course, there's a quiz pitting real sub-genres of jazz against sub-genres that Sam has made up. M-BASE anyone?


After settling the bets from the previous episode ‘Gambling’, Sam rocks us to slumber with a 3 / 4 time jam and then Chris presents a quiz about animal snoring. 
They both delve into their subconscious: Sam makes one of his dreams come true, while Chris allows his dreams to be influenced. Chris shares some more sleep music, and Sam wakes us up again with a series of escalating alarms


All bets are ON in this episode, as Sam and Chris take a punt at gambling. They discuss scratchcards and casinos, Chris tackles online sports betting, Sam hopes for the best with randomised music production, Chris dwells on the ways we gamble with our lives, and Sam pits the two of them together in a series of high stakes games.



In this first episode of 2018, Sam and Chris take a bite out of the grisly subject of meat.
Sam goes vegan, and brings his new found sanctimoniousness to a fairly listenable sound art piece, while also offering us a taste test of various vegan meats.
Chris brings an audio diary about his own particular diet and analyses the hellscape that is meat advertising.

Half & Half

The bathroom boys have met in the middle, somewhere near Birmingham, at the geographic midpoints between their homes to record a sun kissed episode of two halves.

Chris has brought a Sci-Fi story written with a mystery collaborator and a song about our better halves.
Sam has a breathless beat poem, and a Pu Qu or Ub Iz depending on your outlook on life.




Red Hot Spicy

All hands off the cold tap in this episode: We are getting Red, Hot and Spicy. Chris does some chilli spice training, Sam takes us to 4 hot corners of the globe, Chris teaches us about spices through song, and together they imagine their ideal spicy 90s supergroup and undertake a live spice challenge. Come on in and get HOT.


The sound of paint: How do you represent a visual medium in an audio platform? Chris and Sam scour the internet for programs to help them achieve SONIC PAINT. They take inspiration from Turner, Picasso and Warhol and craft their own paintings out of yoghurt and bathrooms. And Chris poses the question: 'Can you tell the difference between real Farrow and Ball paint names and made up ones? (Sam cannot).


In this episode Sam and Chris focus on football. Not knowing who they support or what the rules are, Sam and Chris explore the nuances of the beautiful game as best they can. Chris brings a dispatch from a famous ground and a song about a famous player. Sam chants some chants and presents a quiz about footballers and fantasy franchise characters. There is also The World's Worst Keepy Uppy Competition Ever and, of course, some half-time oranges.


In this episode, our time is spent dwelling on 'Time'. Both Sam and Chris experiment with time-manipulated music, Sam takes us through the past in fast forward, Chris presents a game, and together they make completely accurate predictions for the future.


In this, the first episode of 2017, Chris and Sam discuss eggs. There is an egg story, an egg rap, some audio scrambled eggs and an egg quiz.

Having learnt lessons from 2016's podcasting, this year's DFTCB episodes will each have a different theme but will be more consistent with our original dispatch format. Expect to see new episodes out on the third Monday of every month.