Group Chat Ambivalence

In this episode, Chris brings a song about football memories while Sam brings a dramatic reading of a group chat. Chris introduces us to A Terrible Superhero (Captain Century) while Sam recalls a meeting with A Real Character (Samosa Man aka Inspekta Veg) and they both try to learn a little more about themselves by doing a Myers-Briggs test in 'The Self Improvement Sauna'.

Live Bath

Chris and Sam are joined by Kieran “Ichabod Wolf” Smith and Mario D’Agostino in a special bath time sing song. Mario has a song about a blazed family dinner, Chris has a saucy tune about some thirsty monks and Ichabod Wolf blesses us a with a future classic of past good times.

The Unblockable Toilet

Once again the bathroom is flooded with songs, borderline unlistenable soundart, lists, thoughts and memories. Join us as we memorialise the past, via rave music, jeans and cloak rooms, imagine the future, via ruffs and toilets, and mark time in the present using polyrhythms (groovy), noise synths (distinctly ungroovy) and Things You Can Do If You're Locked Out Of The House (if your present involves being locked out of the house)

Going Backwards & Forwards

A new era of The Communal Bathroom begins! Sam no longer lives on boat and is a married man, while Chris has realised a lifelong dream of making a ‘proper album’.

Re-embracing the ‘anything goes’ approach, Sam and Chris bring a jam-packed first episode back.

Sam brings a letter from a dog, a collection of his own invented words and introduces us to his yearly theme of ‘completing’, by completing a long lost DFTCB item.

Chris updates everyone about bathroom product innovations, and brings two songs: a stomper about stompers, and a volatile song about vocanologist love. We take some time to meditate with Chris’ Mindspace guide and we even have a sauna song from Chris' band-wife Mario D’Agostino.

Get back into the water, bathers!