A Show For Drunks

The Communal Bathroom is no stranger to alcohol. The bath is often awash with all manner of wines and continental lagers. You will have heard them drunk and you will certainly have heard them hungover. So who better to present a two-part sonic exploration on the subject: one episode about the delights of drinking, and one episode about the hell of hangovers.

In this, the first episode, they get drunk. They say cheers and have their first pint, they sing songs together and try to decide which club to go to, they get to the club and the evening browns out.

In the second episode, they are hungover. They try to recover with some soothing music while trying not to reflect too much on the night before, they look at the science of the hangover and at the end of the day they find themselves hearing the call of alcohol once again.

It's taken a little longer this time to get a new episode out. Let's just say they were waiting at the bar for a while so they thought they may as well buy two. Cheers!