The Faucet Awakens

With Sam having moved to France, this 2nd Season opener is the first dip into 'The Virtual Bathroom'.
Using laptop-straining technical wizardry, and with the expressed intent of moving into more accessible, mainstream territory, Sam and Chris get stuck into a glut of new dispatches.

Central to this episode are two outside contributions. Chris presents a dispatch from Laura Sullivan, who brings us some stories of strangers from Australia, and Sam bags an exclusive interview with 'The Guy From Star Wars'.

In between is the patented DFTCB mix of songs, poems and borderline unlistenable sound art about subjects as various as rust, new year's resolutions and contactless card payment systems. 
Genuinely surprised that one or both of their laptops didn't die in the process, Sam and Chris may have accidentally forgotten the plan to be more mainstream and accessible...