Tortoise Bidet with "My Darling Girlfriend" Sally Beveridge

We're having a party! In attendance: 4 humans, 2 tortoises and 1 duck. It's Sam's tortoises' 5th birthday, so Sam and Chris have two guests to join in the celebrating. Now a fully fledged member of bathroom staff but who for tax reasons gets paid in chilli....It's Producer Paul. may remember her from a brief cameo in episode 3 in which she spat water all over the bathroom...It's Sam's Darling Girlfriend Sally. The podcast party entertainment includes fancy cocktails, door jazz, tortoise comedy, terrible puns, and a good old pray to some patron saints. The bathroom guests try to cleanse everyone's souls, with Producer Paul once again extolling the virtues of 'That Glass Of Water That You Have Immediately After Having Brushed Your Teeth' and Darling Girlfriend Sally giving all the collected bathers some much needed spiritual guidance.