Two Spiders in a Sink

Back in the Chapeltown studios, four of the DFTCB crew convene for a boozy celebration of Sam's thesis completion. Joining Chris, Sam and Producer Paul this time is the original Chapeltown resident and Sheffield mayoral election hopeful Daniel Gunson. Mayor Gunson tries to appeal to the electorate by announcing progressive financial policies and inviting them all round for a cup of tea. In this strange, new post-thesis world, Sam compiles a Freedom Mixtape and Chris suggests, via song, various career paths that Sam could take. Sam takes to Instagram to find motivation and Chris takes to Craigslist to find friends. In the bathroom department, there is a spooky anonymously-submitted bathroom-made dispatch and we also journey back in time to visit the bathroom of a major historical figure. "The weighty pocket of the everyman need be no more!" Gunson 2017